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Amazon Life: Uses the Amazon Rainforest for the study of ecology, presenting concepts about energy flow and the matter cycle, and information about the Brazilian area of the forest
Center for Tropical Forest Science:
Indonesian Tropical Rainforest: A tour of the Endangered rainforest
Live From the Rainforest: Explore the most diverse and concentrated areas of life on our planet-The Amazon Basin and other rainforests
Amazon Interactive: Online games and activities about the Amazon

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The Rainforest

The rainforest is the most diverse biome in the world. Rainforests contain the most plants, animals, and endangered species of all. The average temperature of the tropical rainforest is 83* fahrenheit. The average temperature in the summer is 85*, and the average winter temperature is 82*. The rainforest is also very humid, which makes it feel warmer than any other biome. Average yearly rainfall in this biome is 390 millimeters.

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