*FREE* Download Rainforest Games

To the left is a list of IBM compatible games dealing with the rainforest.We will update this list as much as possible. For other games and downloads you can go to download.com. I have tested these links, and they do work. However, if they save to your computer as Microsoft Word Documants, which they sometimes do, it means that you need a special program to open the file. I reccomend Winzip 7.0. You can download this as an executable file, so there won't be any problems downloading. After you install it, you will be able to download .zip files, such as the Magic School Bus Night Stratification Game, correctly. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD WINZIP 7.0, THE LATEST VERSION, FOR FREE!!


E-mail HiskeyB@aol.com for information about advertiing on this rainforest website. This is not the only page of the site!!!!!! There is a main/home page at members.tripod.com/~Hiskey/rainforest.html. Even though it's a long URL, you would be suprised at how many visitors this page gets. The site also includes about 12 other pages for you to advertise on. Again, e-mail HiskeyB@aol.com, for more information. Be sure to give me your name, and returning address, as well as information on what you want to advertise. Thankyou!!!!!