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Rainforest Animals

Here are many pictures with information on just a few of the millions of species living in the rainforest.

Proboscis Monkey

The Proboscis Monkey is an endangered animal found only in the Mangrove swamps located along the coast of Borneo. They live in groups of in between five and fifteen other Proboscis Monkeys.There is one adult male Proboscis that will serve as the leader of the group. They eat leaves, shoots, and fruits found in the jungle. Now, figures show that there are only about 1000 Proboscis Monkeys left in Sarawak. In the late 70's, there were approximately 6000. Unfortunately, Proboscis Monkeys can not live in parks, zoos, or wildlife sanctuaries because they will die faster than they can reproduce. Because of this, it is up to us to save this fascinating species.


The Orangutan is one of the largest primates in the world. They can be found in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra. In the local language there (MALAY), the word orangutan means: man of the forest. Orangutans are very shy primates. it is said that one will never attack a human or animal. Male Orangutans are about 1.4 meters tall and weigh up to 80kg. These animals have very long and strong arms. Since 1997, the population of Orangutans has greatly declined, mostly from low birth rates, environmental pressures, and illegal hunting. It is also estimated that hundreds were killed in the Indonesian forest fires of that year ('97).


The Hornbill is the National Symbol of Sarawak. They can be found in the tropical and subtropical forests, and rule the pavilion of Sarawak's rainforests. The Hornbill got its name because of its extremely large bill. A Horbill's bill can range from 2-5 feet in length. The diet of a Hornbill includes fruits, berries, insects, and other small animals. They are also known for their variety of loud calls and the way they build their nests. First, the female searches for a hole high in the pavilion's high trees to make a nest. Then, she gets in the hole and covers the hole in mud, chewed food, and bird droppings. After she has done this, there will only be enough room in the hole for a male hornbill's beak. After that, the male will feed her through this hole for 6-12 weeks while she incubates her eggs. Because of the way the hornbill builds its nest, the eggs and/or babies will be safe from snakes and monkeys. While the babies continue to grow, the mother will break open the hole, piece by piece, to get out and get food for herself and the young. Among Sarawak,s natives, the hornbill is a symbol of purity. Also, the natives will use them or a representation of them in religous rituals. The Hornbill is a threatened and protected species, and can be found in most wildlife rehabilitation centers all over the world.


The Bushmaster is found in Tropical Latin America. It is a very venomous snake, and is the largest member of the viper family of the Americas. It has brown and green scales, and has a triangular pattern on its body. When it is angry, it vibrates its tail rapidly, but doesn't have a rattle, such as one of its family members, the Rattlesnake.


The okapi, a member of the giraffe family, lives a secluded life deep in the rain forests of eastern Africa. Reaching heights of more than 2 m (7 ft) at the shoulder, the okapi feeds on the leaves of low-growing tree branches.

Hercules Beetle

Almost 90 percent of the animal species found in the rain forest are insects, and of these, most are beetles. To this day, scientists are unsure how many animal species exist in the world, largely because they have identified only a fraction of the millions of insects that live in the rain forest. Shown here is the hercules beetle. The largest beetle known, it grows up to 16 cm (6 in) in length.

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